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Hurricane Preparation: Services & Pricing

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Coastline Management Incorporates Innovative New Technology Into Their Day-To-Day Operations

Technology is constantly evolving in the world we live in today, but one thing remains constant; the need for effective communication. Coastline Management, LLC is excited to be partnered with AppFolio Property Manager to bring our Board of Directors and Owners the most up to date technology in the Association Management industry. 


Coastline is always looking for ways to improve our communication practices and use of technology, and we couldn’t help but to jump at the opportunity to partner with AppFolio when the opportunity arose. When it comes to relaying information to our clients we found that AppFolio is an innovative and great tool to have in our tool belt, as it’s a one stop shop for all of our financial and communication needs. 


The AppFolio Portal is 100% mobile and allows us to provide our clients with fast and responsive service from absolutely anywhere and from any device. Our clients will be able to access the portal via the mobile app, or the website browser to view documents uploaded by the Association Manager, pay dues, or submit requests and reviews. 


AppFolio offers a variety of helpful tools and resources for both the Coastline Management team, and our clients. Our clients, current and future will be able to perform so many tasks basically from the palm of their hand. There will be many payment options including; paying dues and other charges online via eCheck or credit/debit card as well as setting up automatic payments to post on specific days of each month. There will be a designated place to submit architectural reviews and send messages back and forth with the Association Manager of the property. Maintenance requests will be able to be submitted and tracked in real-time via the portal. The owners will be able to update their insurance and contact information in case of any changes, and they will be able to view all of the Association documents that are uploaded and kept up to date by the Association Manager. 


As technology has become such a huge part of our daily lives we believe that AppFolio is going to be a game changer for the way our clients communicate with us, and we with them. The ease of having an app, being able to pay online, and having all of the documents in one place is extremely valuable and time saving. 


AppFolio offers a variety of helpful tools and resources for both the Coastline staff and our clients. Our clients will now be able to do so many tasks from basically the palm of their hand, including: 


  • Pay dues online via eCheck or credit/debit card

  • Set up automatic payments to post on specific days of each month

  • Submit architectural reviews and message back and forth with your association manager

  • Submit and track the real-time status of maintenance requests 

  • Update insurance and contact information

  • Access all association documents that have been uploaded by the Association Manager


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