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Frequently Asked Questions

This link will take you to where you can sign in.

How do I get started using AppFolio?

A link will be sent to you by your Association Manager to activate your Online Portal.


Is there a Mobile App?

There is a Mobile App; it is called Online Portal by AppFolio. Using the app you can make payments, submit maintenance requests, and access your Association’s documents from anywhere, anytime.

Can I pay my dues/other charges online?

YES! You can securely pay your dues online three different ways. You can pay by eCheck, credit or debit card, or by electronic cash payments.

What are the details of paying my dues/other charges online by eCheck?

By choosing to pay online by eCheck it is 100% free to you. You will enter your bank's routing number and your checking or savings account number in your secure Online Portal to pay the charge directly from your specified bank account.

What are the details of paying my dues/other charges online by Credit or Debit Card?

By paying your charges with your credit or debit card through the secure Online Portal there will be an online transaction fee based on the payment amount and type.

How do I set up my eCheck and Credit or Debit Card Payments?

You will receive an activation email or text from us to set up your Online Portal. Click the “Activate Now” in the activation link and set up your password. Log in to your personal, secure Online Portal and follow the simple steps to make your first payment!

What are the details of paying my dues/other charges online by Electronic Cash Payments?

If you choose to pay your charges via this method, we will provide you with a reusable PaySlip that you can use at 7-Eleven, EVS, Ace Cash Express and Casey’s General Store to pay your dues in cash. There is a $3.99 processing fee for each transaction up to $2,000 ($1,500 for 7-Eleven). The same PaySlip can be used every month to pay dues.


If I make a payment through the Online Portal and then realize I used the wrong payment method can AppFolio or Coastline Management cancel the payment?

No, AppFolio cannot stop a payment on your behalf. You must call the institution in which the payment is coming from.

Can I set up scheduled/automatic payments?

Yes, when you go to make a payment there is an option to “pay now” or “set up autopay”. You will want to select “set up autopay '' option. On the next page choose whether you would like to pay via eCheck or Credit or Debit Card and fill in the appropriate information. Make sure to select an appropriate date.

How do I edit my scheduled payment?

Go to “Scheduled Payments” and click “edit” you can then change any information. You can remove the payment entirely, or you can skip it for only one payment rather than removing the whole payment.

How can I see a complete history of my payments?

Under the payments section of your Online Portal you will see a section called “Account Ledger” and click the “View Full Account Ledger” button to see all of the payments you have made in the past.

What can I find in the Shared Documents Tab?

In the Shared Documents section you will find important documents your Association Manager has uploaded to Online Portal. You can view and/or download these documents for further review.

What do I do on the Compliance Tab?

If you have an architectural review that needs to be submitted this is where you will do it. There is an option for messaging within this feature so all communications are documented. The review committee can then look over and view the status of any existing reviews.

How To Use AppFolio

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