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It is our goal at Coastline Management to maintain a clear and open line of communication with all of our current and potential clients keeping them “in the know”.


The Coastline office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is happy to help in any way we can whether that be by phone call, email, or in-person. Coastline Management also offers a 24/7 owner hotline that can be utilized in case of emergencies outside of office hours. 


Coastline also offers a robust online portal that will give our Board of Directors and Owners the ability to have private communications and access to documents within their Association. 


Within the portal, the Board of Directors will be able to use the Board of Directors Web Portal to complete all of their Association duties and confidently lead their community from anywhere, and any device. Board members will be able to manage all architectural communications online, sign checks and approve invoices, submit and resolve questions via the portal, and quickly share important documents for all board members and owners to quickly and easily access.


Owners will be able to use the Owners Web Portal to securely and instantly pay dues and assessments online, manage all architectural communications, submit maintenance requests, and gain access to all association documents including meeting minutes and CC&R’s digitally.

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