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Association Management

Your Manager will provide the general administrative and community service management for the Association. The Manager will operate under the direction of the management of Coastline and the Board to ensure proper operational management and maintenance, and to promote a meaningful Board/Resident/Manager relationship.

Key Roles:

  • Maintain Association Files – The Manager shall collect, organize and maintain complete files of all legal documents, correspondence, rules, site plans, blueprints, and any other pertinent items. The files will be open for owner inspection as scheduled, along with supervision.

  • Assist with Communications

  • Resolve Owner Problems

  • Perform Regular Property Inspections

  • Provide Assistance to Board of Directors

  • Co-ordinate General Membership Meeting

  • Financial Management Services

    • Annual Budgeting

    • Financial Statements

    • Year-end Statements

    • Collect Association Monies

    • Invoicing Approval

  • Contractual and Physical Administration – The Manager will oversee all janitorial, maintenance, and security needs of the common areas.
    Access to Owners Units in Emergencies

  • The manager will coordinate all preparations for emergencies and storms

  • Service Contracting & Monitoring Contractor Performances

  • Crisis Management – Coastline Management and the Manager will employ a larger than normal staff to handle contingencies such as storms, hurricanes, flooding, and other perils that may occur. Doing so shall be made only with the prior approval of a Board officer (President, Vice-President, or Treasurer), except in the cases of emergency, which require prompt action to avoid further loss.

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