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The Coastline Management Accounting Department handles all Association financial affairs at the direction of the Board of Directors along with the guidance of the Association’s tax accountant. 

  • Our Accounting Specialists work closely with the Association Managers and the Board Treasurers making sure that all transactions are kept within budget and approved for payment. 

  • Non-contract invoices must be approved by the Association Manager, or a Board Member before the payment is processed. 

  • Transactions over $1,000, and non-contract invoices must be approved by the Board of Directors. 


Coastline Management has internal control procedures to segregate the accounting functions to prevent fraud.

  • At least three individuals handle each and every transaction to ensure proper procedures are followed. 

  • Each month the Association’s Board of Directors are presented with the monthly financials consisting of:

    • a balance sheet

    • budget to actual profit loss

    • accounts receivable and accounts payable for review

  • At the appropriate time, the Accounting Specialist will work with the Board Members to develop a budget for the next fiscal year end. 

  • The Accounting Specialist will attend board meetings when requested by the Treasurer. 

  • At year end, our accounting team will work with the Association Accountant to perform year end reports and taxes at the Board’s request.

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